Top Residential Proxy Servers For 2024

Imagine you’re a traveler, eager to explore different landscapes and cultures. But, when you attempt to book your dream vacation, you encounter a frustrating roadblock – Geographical Restrictions (You are not allowed to visit that location). The airline website, refuses to display fares for your desired destination, leaving you disheartened.

This is where residential proxies enter the scene, offering a solution by routing your internet traffic through an intermediary server with an IP address associated with a specific location, residential proxies can effectively mask your true location and provide you access to the geo-restricted content.

What is a residential proxy?

In this vast area of the internet, where information has no end and it flows freely and borders seems to blur out, the desire to be anonomous to websites and bypass the geographical restrcitions is must and this is where residential proxy comes in. Residential Proxy works as an intermediary server that routes your internet traffic through an IP address provided by an Internet Service Provider (ISP)

These are not like data center proxies which are commonly used for business purpose rather residential proxies are sourced from real devices connected to home networks. This makes the users seems to be legitamate to the website, making it difficult to block or track your activities.

How do residential proxies works?

The beauty of residential proxies lies in their ability to mimic genuine residential connections. Almost all proxy servers works in the same way while there are some factors which makes one proxy server different from the other.

Below is a step wise process of how residential proxy works –

  1. A user sends a request to access a website
  2. The request is immediately directed to the proxy
  3. A unique IP address is assigned to your request from the IP address pool
  4. Proxy servers get all required information and forward it to the client
  5. The client sees this request coming from the Proxy server’s IP address
  6. The user’s request gets forwarded to the target site.

Factors that makes proxy servers different from one another

  • Proxy Network Size: A larger proxy network offers a wider range of IP addresses, minimizing the risk of being blocked or blacklisted.
  • Proxy Location: Availability of proxies in your desired locations ensures effective geo-restriction bypassing and data gathering.
  • Proxy Speed: Responsive proxies are crucial for maintaining a seamless browsing experience and efficient data collection.
  • Proxy Reliability: Consistent uptime and reliable performance are essential for uninterrupted access and task automation.
  • Proxy Pricing: Compare pricing models from different providers to find the most cost-effective solution that aligns with your needs.

Use Cases of Residential Proxies

Residential proxies are used for a variety of purposes, such as –

Market Research

Residential proxies can be used to collect data about consumer behavior and preferences by visiting websites and analyzing the content that is displayed.

Competitive Intelligence

Businesses can use residential proxies to gather information about their competitors, such as product pricing, marketing strategies, and customer reviews.

Social Media Automation

Residential proxies can be used to automate tasks on social media platforms, such as liking posts, following users, and sharing content.

Price Comparison

Residential proxies can be used to compare prices for products and services across different websites.

Travel Booking

Residential proxies can be used to find the best deals on travel bookings by accessing different websites and comparing prices.

Which are the Top Residential Proxy Providers 2024?

Proxy NameBest Use CaseServePerformance LevelResponse Time
(in seconds)
Residential proxy Free Trial
360proxyWeb scraping and data extraction190+ CountriesLow2.8No free trial
SmartproxyValue for price and scraping APIs195+ CountriesHigh<0.6Limited to companies
WebshareFast proxy servers160+ CountriesLow2.83-day Paid Trial for $1.99
IpideaLarger proxy pool220+ CountriesHigh2<1Paid trial $5
FroxyLarge-size IPs pool200+ CountriesHigh<0.6Paid trial, $1.99 / 3 days for 100 MB
IPRoyalPricing flexibility195+ CountriesHigh<0.6No free trial but 1-day proxy testing service at demand
OxylabsData web gathering195+ CountriesHigh1.13 days free trial
LunaproxyBest and cheapest190+ CountriesHigh<0.63 days free trial
SOAXHighly effective web unblocker195+ CountriesLow1.723 days free trial
StormproxyRotating residential proxy, instant delivery195+ CountriesLow2.66 secondsNo free trial
ABCproxyLow pricing190+ CountriesHigh<0.6No free trial

Do residential proxies support multiple IP rotations?

Yes, residential proxies support multiple IP rotations. This means that your IP address will change frequently, making it difficult for websites to track you. This is especially useful for activities that require a high degree of anonymity, such as market research, social media automation, and web scraping.

Residential proxy providers offer a variety of IP rotation options, such as rotating every request, every session, or every day. You can also choose to sticky a specific IP address for a certain period of time. This can be useful for tasks that require a consistent identity, such as managing social media accounts.

Here is a table summarizing the different types of IP rotation –

IP Rotation TypeDescriptionUse Cases
Per requestChanges IP address after every requestIdeal for tasks that require high anonymity, such as web scraping and market research
Per sessionChanges IP address after every sessionSuitable for tasks that require a consistent identity over a short period of time, such as social media automation
DailyChanges IP address once a dayGood option for tasks that require moderate anonymity and don’t require a consistent identity
StickyAssigns a static IP address for a specified periodUseful for tasks that require a consistent identity over a long period of time, such as managing social media accounts

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Residential proxies have revolutionized the way we interact with the internet, providing a powerful tool for enhancing anonymity, removingrestrictions, and optimizing online activities. It does not matter if you are a privacy conscious person or a data driven researcher or a traveler, residential proxies offer a world of possibilities to all of you.

Are Residential Proxies legal?

Yes, using residential proxies is legal as long as you are using it for a lawful and legitimate purpose.

How to use residential proxies?

You will need to sign up with a residential proxy provider and purchase a plan. Once you have a plan, you will be given access to a list of proxy servers and their IP addresses.

Can you use residential proxies anywhere

Yes, you can generally use residential proxies anywhere. This is because the IP address is already remote from your devices, allowing you to connect to websites and services from any location.

Do generated residential proxies use data when not being used?

Generated residential proxies do not use data when not being used. They are only activated when a user connects to the internet and routes their traffic through the proxy server and once the user disconnects, the proxy server goes idle and does not consume any data.

How to set up residential proxies?

Yes, you can use a residential proxy for anonymous browsing as residential proxies are IP addresses that are assigned to real devices connected to home internet networks.

Do residential proxies support multiple IP rotations?

Yes, residential proxies support multiple IP rotations. It means that your IP address will change frequently, making it difficult for websites to track you.

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