100% Working Zooqle Proxy SItes List – November 2023

If you want to get the best website to download torrents then Zooqle is the option at which you can rest all your searches. Zooqle has everything that a user wants such from media files such as videos to softwares and themes and PDFs. Zooqle proxies provide each and every file to download for free and authenticated.

Zooqle has more than 4 million verified torrents and more than 7.4 Petabytes of data so, it helps you find and download movies and TV shows and it tells you what is new and popular. The best about Zooqle is that you can search by categories.

It also shows you information about the movies from IMDB and if you join Zooqle, you can get updates on the things you like through RSS feeds.

What is Zooqle proxy and How does it works?

  • Zooqle is a website that helps you find and download movies and TV shows, you can save them and watch them later.
  • Zooqle has many kinds of movies, from big and small studios, from different countries and topics.
  • Zooqle is a good way to search for movies and TV shows.
  • If you can’t find what you want to watch or download, you can use Zooqle instead of other websites.

Top features of Zooqle Procy

Fast & Reliable

Zooqle Proxy is one of the most prominient proxy out there and certainly is one of the most reliable site for torrents.

Great User Interface

Zooqle has very decent user friendly interface that makes it much easier for users to navigate through the site.

It has a sophisticated search interface that you’ll appreciate as a user.

Other Features

  • High-quality downloads
  • Comics and Ebooks
  • Subscribe for updates
  • Latest TV shows and movies

What can you find at Zooqle?

These sites provide torrents for multiple categories such as:

  • Movies
  • Tv Shows
  • Anime
  • Apps, games, and Softwares
  • Books, and pdfs
  • Other stuff like wallpaper packs and more.

Disclaimer: OpenHouseTips.com do not support using them to download copyright-protected content and all the Zooqle mirror sites given in this article are for educational and information purpose only

Unblocked Zooqle Mirror Sites | November 2023

Here is the list of most effecient Zooqle proxy mirror links. Most of these sites are working but in case the site is not operation in your region, using VPN is the best option for you to access these sites.

S.NoZooqle Mirror SiteURLSSLStatus
1.Zooqle SkinVisit HereOnWorking
2.Zooqle Proxy 1Visit HereOnWorking
3.Zooqle Proxy 2Visit HereOnWorking
4.Zooqle Proxy 3Visit HereOnWorking
5.Zooqle Proxy 4Visit HereOnWorking
6.Zooqle Proxy 5Visit HereOnWorking
7.Zooqle Proxy BunkerVisit HereOnVerified
8.Zooqle ImmunicityVisit HereOnWorking
9.Zooqle UnblockedVisit HereOnWorking
10.Zooqle Proxy UKVisit HereOnWorking

How to Use Mirror Sites to Unblock Zooqle?

  • Open your browser
  • Visit the proxy domain you want
  • Find content you want to download
  • Select the torrent file for “downloading magnet file”
  • Click on the link received and a pop up will appear
  • Click on the option of “OpenBitTorrent”
  • On reaching bit torrent website, press “Ok”

Which regions have blocked access to Zooqle Mirror?

  • India
  • Andorra
  • Portugal
  • Brazil
  • Australia
  • The Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Russian Federation
  • Italy
  • Denmark
  • China, etc

How to access Zooqle if it doesn’t work directly?

Method 1 – Unblocking with VPN

  • Download VPN.
  • Connect to a VPN region.
  • Visit the mirror domain you want to access.

Method 2 – Use Opera Mini

In case downloading a VPN is against your personal policy, you can go for Opera mini browser and try accessing the site from there.

Method 3 – Use Tor Browser

Tor Browser is a very private that is just to access blocked content on the internet. We do not support any activity related to promotion of use of Tor Browser and such activities.

Method 4 – Use the alternative site

If non of the methods works and the other mirror domains are not accessible at all, you can go for the other site as mentioned in the next section.

Best Zooqle Alternatives Site


This was a complete review and information about Zooqle and it’s working mirror proxy. Just keep in mind that proxy sites are mainly used for piracy which is an illegal practice so consider taking all the information given in this article for educational and information purpose only.

Zooqle is a website which is a one stop shop for every torrent you ever want and it has very user friendly interface and many features that most proxy sites missed such subscription and notification option.

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